Mac Daniels
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I gave my first radio report when I was five years old with a “microphone” made from a flashlight with tin foil wrapped around the end.  Growing up, country music of all kinds was prevalent…traditional, bluegrass, gospel and outlaw.  My Granny used to play Willie Nelson for me on the record player over and over.  The first time I heard the opening riff to Folsom Prison Blues by Johnny Cash, I was completely taken with the music and never looked back.  I played those old country records on the big console record players that looked like furniture, I could barely lift the lid on that thing…I remember thinking it must have weighed a hundred pounds to my little arms.  I have been a broadcaster for over twenty years now and the combined years on KBTN have been the best.  I was born at Oak Hill Hospital, raised in Chitwood and am just flat out blessed to be part of radio in the 4-States.