Kansas becomes one of America’s most moved out of States


The 47th Annual National Movers Study was released by United Van Lines and revealed a trend of Americans moving east and south. They seek more affordable regions with amenities comparable to larger cities. In Kansas, the state has moved up to the 8th position among top outbound states in 2023.

Top outbound states include New Jersey, Illinois, North Dakota, New York, Michigan, California, Massachusetts, and Kansas. Kansas– moving from #14 in 2022 to #8 in 2023. 

The study notes a significant shift, with fewer than 10 “outbound” states listed for the first time in over a decade. States with less than 55% of moves, whether inbound or outbound, increased in 2023, indicating an overall decrease in relocations.

Driven by the COVID-19 pandemic, factors influencing moves include remote work opportunities, a desire to be closer to family, and better affordability. Career changes remain the primary motivation, accounting for 29% of relocations.

Metro areas with more outbound moves tend to experience slower growth in their working-age population. Affordability is a key consideration for homebuyers and sellers, impacting choices in less competitive metro areas.

For a detailed analysis of migration trends and additional insights, United Van Lines encourages readers to explore their blogs on migration trends from the latest United Movers Study.