Why procrastinators don’t win the lottery

Image by kalhh from Pixabay

Beware! Procrastinators Don’t Win the Lottery

Imagine winning a $14.6 million jackpot, only to lose it all because you missed the deadline to turn in your ticket.

A winning ticket bought at a convenient store in Goodyear, west of downtown Phoenix, nailed all six numbers of The Pick on June 5, 2019. Game rules give the winner 180 days to claim their jackpot. The December 2nd deadline came and went with no sign of the winning ticket. Who purchased the ticket is still unknown, but now it will take the record for the largest unclaimed jackpot in 20 years.

According to John Gilliland, Arizona Lottery spokesperson,  said the previous record was a $4 million The Pick jackpot that was drawn in 1999.

What happens to that unclaimed $14.6M? Lottery officials said some will go towards funding state programs benefiting abused children and Native American education.

“These dollars will be utilized now to enhance our player’s experiences with future games and fund a variety of beneficiaries that have tremendous impact for our community,”Arizona Lottery Executive Director Gregg Edgar commented.

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