Wet Nose Wednesday – Sunshine

Sunshine’s story began months ago after a horrible incident left her at our shelter gates. Most of her hair was gone on her back, her paw pads were busted, her toenails were growing into her pads, her toes seemed to have been broken, and she had a limp. After months of treatment from our staff her health condition started to drastically improve. Unfortunely, we found out after an X-Ray that her left femur was completely shattered as well. So to make sure that Sunshine was pain-free, her back left leg was recently amputated.
As you can see from the picture, her surgery was a success! On the day our Director went down to pick her up, she RAN outside to meet her and even JUMPED into the car with a big happy grin and happy tail as if to say, “Let’s go! I’m all better and ready to find a home!”. Sunshine is now moving better than ever on three legs.
Sunshine is out of her recovery monitorization cycle at our shelter from her surgery and is ready to go into a foster-to-adopt home for the rest of her recovery. She is looking for a home with NO OTHER ANIMALS, this sweet girl loves to be the queen bee and will never let you have a moment without happiness and love that she can supply you with. Thanks to Sunshine’s supporters, she has NO ADOPTION FEE!!
Interested applicants need to go to our website, www.thesekhumanesociety.com, and click on the FOSTERING TAB at the top. There you can fill out a fostering application online. Fosters need to live within 30 minutes of the shelter.
We thank the communities support for Sunshine these past months!! With your help and donations, we were able to immediately get Sunshine taken care of so she can finally get into a loving home that she deserves.