Netflix Hiking Price of Membership December 2020

Back in October, Netflix quietly announced current customers would see an increase in their bill soon. Effective December 2020, rates will increase. Netflix was kind enough to offer a 30-day notice.

It appears that Netflix doesn’t understand we are in the middle of a pandemic. Health officials urge Americans to stay home and entertain themselves to ensure the spread of COVID-19 remains low. Amid massive layoffs and companies trimming “unneeded workers,” times are tough, and Netflix needs to exercise compassion rather than greed.

It seemed like a big jump back in January 2019 when Netflix subscriptions were hicked up; initially, the rates seemed rather nonsignificant as the basic plan was $8 and the premium plans were $11 and $14. December 2020, the basic plan will stay the same at $8.99, but the premium plans will jump to $13.99 and $17.99.


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