Try not to worry too much about work or home chores -- you need to exercise your body (and maybe your mind) today!



You and a friend or colleague are arguing -- but there's something deeper going on. 



You may stumble upon some nifty solution to an old, thorny problem -- or you may just enjoy the give and take between you and someone of like mind.



The future is much on your mind today, and you should be able to make some solid predictions based on what you already know. 




You did it! A new day shows that your latest success is even bigger than you had thought it would be




You really want to help your friends out today -- but there's only so much of you to go around!




Your friends are key to your happiness today -- not family, not work and not even spirituality. 




Today presents a big challenge -- but you can rise to it if you want. You certainly don't have to -- but the fruits of success are great enough that you should think about it seriously.



It's time to make a real difference -- show someone what's going on inside you, or challenge a few assumptions at work. 



People are asking too much of you -- again. How you handle it says a lot about your character, but even more about how much you've had to take from people with little perspective lately.




Big things are happening today, so see if you can push yourself to take advantage of them!




Things are not up to your standards of truth and openness, so you may have to make a few guesses to make it through the day.